Ryanair utökar trafiken från Stockholm Skavsta i vinter


Ryanair Boeing 737-800.

Totalt ökar Ryanair sin trafik med 30 procent, och i vintertidtabellen för 2017/2018 finns totalt fyra nya destinationer med, Kiev, Memmingen, Nis och Podgorica som fortsätter att flygas även i vinter. 

We are pleased to launch our Sweden winter schedule, with 4 new Stockholm Skavsta routes to Kiev, Memmingen, Nis and Podgorica.” (…) ”We are also pleased to report record bookings on our Swedish summer 2017 schedule, and Swedish customers can look forward to even lower fares, so there’s never been a better time to book a low fare flight on Ryanair”, säger Ryanairs Matthias Wenk.

Dessutom ökar antalet avgångar på redan befintliga destinationer; Krakow (5 avgångar/vecka), London Stansted (2-3 avgångar/dag) och Malta (2 avgångar/vecka).

”Stockholm Skavsta is Sweden’s most served airport by Ryanair, and we are delighted to be able to provide the larger Stockholm region and East Sweden increased services and an expanded network. The availability of such an expanded network of 27 winter 2017 destinations, all at affordable prices, is key to serving these populations better and facilitating economic development and employment to the region south of Stockholm,” säger flygplatsens VD Peter Steinmetz.